Napisz po angielsku opis Twojego Sylwestra, bądź Świąt Bożonarodzeniowych. max 250 słów.We wstępie umieść tytuł ,,Najpiekniejszy Dzień w Roku'' trzeba ten opis napisac w czase przeszlym badz terazniejszym. prosze o pomoc!!!



My most beautiful day in my life was in sylvester in 2006 years. My mum let me go for my first new year spend out of home with my friend. I bought beautiful, black evening dress for that occasion. I went to my friend's house at twenty. She turned on music and we started our sylvester day. We danced and laughed all time to twenty four hour. When it was midnight we went to her garden for fired fireworks. That views was fantastic and I thought I never forget that day.

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The most beautiful day in the year it of the New Year's Eve and the holiday of God's giving birth. God's being born is preparing to accept chrystusa, after adwencie.sylwester it is a carnival saying the year goodbye to, but welcoming new in this case 2010.sylwestra is czs of the play, it is a time of breaking when there is a time for something else in the entire year it is this day one in the year is a day in one piece for night zabawy.natomiast god narodzienie it is a time of joy, loves, happinesses, of family warmth. twelve dishes, Christmas tree, presents and chrystus god which looks down on us.
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