"A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens (1812-1870), one of the most popular writers in England, belongs to a series of "Christmas Stories", is also his most famous book. Apart from that, inter alia, wrote yet. "The Pickwick Papers," "Oliver Twist," "Nicholas Nickleby." Dickens' stories are a panorama of the history of London in the nineteenth century, with its mores, culture. In the pages of his novels appear in various human types, ranging from poor beggars and ending with the aristocracy.
"A Christmas Carol" was published in 1843 and immediately enjoyed great success, it was translated into several languages. Apparently Dickens wrote this song was on Christmas Eve.

The action takes place in the song one Christmas Eve, but there are flashbacks of the hero's life, people whom he met in the past, etc.. The hero of the story is a bitter old man, Scrooge, on the eve of the four ghosts haunt. These meetings will shape his life.

The first spirit that appears in the house ghost is the old man, his close friend, Marley, who goes behind the heavy chain. It announces the advent of the next spirits. Their task will be to make the bitter life of Scrooge and the people returned to the former, happy life. Spirit, which appears first is the appearance of neither child, nor the old man shows his Ebenezerowi happy childhood and early youth. This spirit is said that this is the spirit of all the past Christmas Eve. The second ghost was holding a torch in his hand, "similar in shape to the horn of plenty". This torch was lit by the misery in which people live Scrooge, as well as other people, for whom the old man did not find understanding and support. This was the spirit of Christmas Eve present. The most mysterious was the third ghost, whose face was not seen as a dark robe concealed it completely. This spirit did not say a word, only showed the hero's grave. Scrooge is frightened of all the ghosts of visits, and decided to organize their lives to change them for the better, because he knew what could meet him, if nothing is done.
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