Dear (imię kolegi),
I'm still looking forward to 31.12 this year.
But first I'm going visit to my grandparents on Christmas Eve.
We'll eat together Christmas dinner and look at our presents.
Next me and my father will build a snowman.

On 31.12 I'm going to go to my friend.
We're going to make a wonderful party.
There will be Adam, his sister Dona and Paul.
We'll drink a toast, then look at the fireplace.
It'll be amazing.
See you soon,
(twoje imię)
10.12.2009r Poland
Dear Sam!
On start I want ask how are you? I feeling ok.
You will make that to Christmas ? I going to go to my grandmather and there I visit my old friends. My grandma make cool cake! I always before eve I go forest for christam tree. My mather is happy when we cooking supper. After the solemn supper we expect the Santa Caus. I love Christmas at my gradndmother.
In New year's eve i going to go with my friends to London. We never were here. I've got hope that there will be super!You make that to new year's eve?Can it include for we?
I salute and longing.