Napisz opowiadanie na dowolny temat po angielsku. Poziom 1 kl. gimnazjum. Słow 150 - 200. Trzeba użyc 4 czasów przeszłych Past Simple i Contimous oraz Past Perfect Simple i Continous.

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A lot I set myself times question kind of it was, if world looked differently? Everything so far seemed to be only grey reality. Performing my everyday activities, in the Friday morning I went as usual to the nearby kiosk for the newspaper. Coming back I saw the poster of the film which was seen on the shop window. The film was supposed to appear soon at cinemas. With the great impatience I waited for next days to see him. In the end I waited until. After watching the entire film I understood, that green strange creatures and flying cars were only a whim of some director, which by winding so science fiction made a fortune. Entire return road from the cinema home I mused about it how well and extravagantly I would have to feel on with the "next world". I lay down early and quickly I fell asleep. After the certain time I felt badly and quickly I woke up. At first I didn't realize that I was in the spaceship making its way into the outer space. Very much I was horrified seeing the green alien. I learnt that I had been appointed in order there to fly. So far I thought that such things didn't exist - I was wrong. Galek because this way he had to the name, he took me on one's vehicle to the research base. There I was acquainted with the rest of the team and on me a lot of examinations were being conducted. I agreed, to become one of them. With the moment of implanting the tissue to my mastermind of polymer material I became the improved man about the green colour of the skin which was able everything. Soon I was appointed as the post for the master. I was surprised, and at the same time proud of it, but it aroused anxiety in me, because I didn't know until the end what it was supposed to rely on. In the near future invaders attacked our planet from the Universe. They wanted to take away the rocket which was our power causing the majority from us above other. Although our army suffered huge losses, after all we achieved a victory against hostile strangers. Of battle behind the matter won, for the second time I was chosen with king, and as part of thanking for me a monument was built in my honour. I was also given many other valuable awards. A rocket specially built for me, with which I was launched toward the earth was one of them. I felt sudden shock and pain of the left hand, when it turned out that I lay on the floor by my bed. Only flowers lasting on the window were green at my room, and I apart from the blue elbow had the skin of the normal colour. From this fantastic sleep for me only fragments stayed, so much similar to experiences of aliens from the known computer game.

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