His Christmas spent with family. It was very nice. When we divided the wafer began to sing Christmas carols. However, after the singing of Christmas carols unpacked gifts. I got a lot of useful things. Of course, before the wafer is divided up was a very delicious dinner. Among other things, fish and dumplings.
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This Christmas were the best in my life! My family is very musical so my grandpa was playing carols on the piano when we were singing. My mum cook very well. She cooked a turkey. It was delicious.We sat down on our chairs and eating, talking about films, our lifes and ambicions. I have never had Christmas like this. Our christmas tree was very big and under it there was a lot of presents and most of were for me. I`ll never forget thih Christmas.
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This year I spent Christmas with my entire family, mom dad grandma and brother. My mother made 12 delicious dishes. Carp killed dad, brother of course, did nothing and I clining whole house. These holidays can be regarded as successful because he got a dream gift for which I waited all year and this is a phone iphone 3g. In the night I was at midnight, where the very opilam. Waiting for New Year and hope that it will be successful
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