Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Opis :

In the picture I can see the three people in the house. The boy is wearing in yellow T-shirt and He has a black , straight hair. The girl in the middle of the picture is wearing white T-shirt. She has a long,straight and black hair. The women on the right of picture is wearing black jacket and blue T-shirt. She has a straight, fair hai. She hold a black suitcase. In the foreground is a ironing board and clothes on it. The boy and the girl looks unhappy,probably...bo ta kobieta każe im wyprasować te ciuchy -

nieiwem jak napisac te ostatnie zdanie prosze o poprawienie bledow i dopisanie tego ostatniego zdania
Because this woman mades them iron those clothes.
In the picture I can see two children- boy and girl and adult person- woman, in room. Room`s walls are white, on one wall is picture.
Boy is wearing on yellow t`shirt with some printed design.His face express boredom , his hair are straight,long and dark. Next to him stand girl in white t`shirt, her hair are straight,long and brown. Next to door stand woman in black jacket and blue t-shirt, in hand she keep sachet, on the left wrist she has watch, her hair are long and blond, I think she`s pretty. First part of the view is ironing board and iron .