My room is small but just right for me. When you come to him in the eye immediately throws up a big plasma TV. Desk stands in the corner, and it is the computer. The console is the right side of the TV, while the tree on the left. Bed located on the wall of the entrance door. On all the walls hung full of posters with grafitii.
My room is very small and very beautiful. I have graffiti on the wall where the plasma TV hanging. I have the Xbox 360 and many games. In my room are as much as 3 speakers, and a new computer. I got there a bed, furniture and temporary tree.
In my room there are graphics on the walls . I have a bed in my room and on front of it there is a plasma television. In the left corner there is my desk and my computer is on it . At this time of the year I always put up a christmas tree . I also have Xbox 360 game console and lots of games .