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Present simple
I always go to church on Sunday.
-past simple
I went to church on Sunday morning.
-future simple
I will go to church today.
present countinius
I am going to church.
-past countinius
I was going to church half an hour.
-prsesent past simple
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Present Simple :
I always go to school at 8 a.m.
He goes to his friends .
Past Simple:
We spoke Spanish.
Future Simple:
They will be a rock star.
Present Continuous:
She's playing a guitar.
Past Continuous:
Tom was writing the letter all day yesterday.
Present Past Simple - jest taki czas ;d
Może Present perfect ?
He's broken his arm.
Present simple -I usually work 8 hours a day.
past simple -Yesterday I worked very hard.
future simple -I will come to you tomorrow.
present countinius -Tom is writing a letter.
past countinius -Tom was writing the letter all day yesterday.

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