Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
In the picture I can see the three people in the house. The boy is wearing in a yellow T-shirt and He has a, straight, black hair. The girl in the middle of the picture is wearing a white T-shirt. She has a long,straight and black hair. The women on the right of picture is wearing a black jacket and a blue T-shirt. She has a straight, fair hair. She is holding a black suitcase. In the foreground there is an ironing board and some clothes on it. The boy and the girl looks unhappy,probably because that woman is telling them to iron the clothes.
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There are two women and one man in this picture. This is in same home. They are talking about something, probably about ironinig, cause iron is on the table. Same clouths are also in the table. I think they are traing to decide who will be obligated to iron.
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