Me and my class visited London last week . We got there using a airplane . The journey in the airplane took us 3 hours . When we got off the airplane we got a bus to our hotel . During the ride on the bus we saw some monuments . When we got to the hotel we got our keys and all of us went to our rooms .The rooms were quite big , with a bathrooms and big beds . They were a little bit untidy but I really didn't mind . After we got unpacked we went to see Big Ben . It was huge I would never think it was that big . We also saw London Bridge , Buckingham Palace , Chelsea Bridge and the Tower of London . After visiting all of this places we went get something to eat . I ordered a pizza with cheese and tomato sauce It was good but I preffer normal polish food . We stayed in London for a week and I really liked it . I wanted to stay there for longer but I could'nt. I hope I could visit London again some day .
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I with my class go to the trim to london. We go there, becose mrs Carolina, teacher english, would like this city. We dont know nothing about it, but this is nothing. We go hire, becose hire is the best of footbools team- chelsea londyn. Meybe I see any footbaler, and go to him, and I sey Hi... OK, we stey in grand hotel in center of city, nice place. We flyinh hire plane, and we see all london with bird fly. Very lighty places... I dont like it, but city is cool. we driving a big bus, colour red. I dont thing, it was very special, normal bus with second floor, nothing bigger. My friends and I go later to restaurant for lunch. very cheab, 50pounts for a fish witch chips? When day go to end, we go to our hotel. all day going, and now bed,,, I like it, but city isn't as good as I thing...
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