Small Yan (yanka) sat on garrot certain Cloud Day and it browser in boxes with reminders. Suddenly < snap > it has seen small pieska-robota. He (it) looked have awfully great eyes and sharp kły, but yan (yanka) has has spread how (as) it, can not resist and it has taken him (it) for hand. They have been begun in one moment in all colors ślepia pieska mienic, but he (it) has heard two words only I NAKARM, then it has passed away. It searched family of small yan (yanka) long him (it), but it recover body. Fathers of (parents of) yan (yanka) have deduced (have moved out) after this event with (from) sie tamtad. House long has stood empty (hollow), for certain momentyu, when marriage has been introduced for it (him) with child, small Gosią. It knew all recesses of houses for (after) several except one GARRET days Gosia juz. So, there postanoiła zajrzec. There was not absolutely unusual it miejce. But sight of girl has stopped on certain toy, there was piesek. Girl has stepped up without fluctuation and it has taken him (it) on hand. But it has has spread soon I sie NAKARM. Sorka za błędy ;))))
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One day in small city lived a girl. She liked going out of her home and playing sports, but her parents weren't leting her. They thought city is dangerous, but she didn't want to hear them. When there weren't parents in hous she go to her friend. When she was coming back she heard somene said her name. She go for this voice. She looked she is in front of big, old house. Doors opened. She was scared. She looked lamp was flying. She ran away from house and she promised her parent she never go out.
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One day Mary came to her mum. All she wanted was to ask her one, little question about the history of their family for the piece she was writing for school. Her mum was sleeping in an armchair. But when Mary came forward to touch her shoulder she felt nothing. She heard herself scream when she noticed the body next to the window. The ghost opened it's eyes, cried Mary's name and dissapeared.
That was the last thing Mary would ever see, because she never opened her eyes again. The funeral was three days later - the daughter buried next to mother.