-what was going on with you?
-ok and you?
-in order.
- Yesterday I was at the cinema on a very interesting film.
- What was it?
- Hard to say. Kind of like a horror comedy
- A terrible though?
- Well a little afraid but then quickly laughed to tears.
- I would like to see it.
-tether me .. do not like to-but I mean the movie
. the film was super -
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
- Hello
- Hello How are you??
- I'm fine thanks and you??
- I'm fine. 23rd I been in cinema
- O wow. What movie??
- Film was about Sherlock Holmes.
- Oh. Interesting??
- Yes this movie was very very very interesting. Sherlock Holmes was detective and he was the best. He could resolve each riddle.
- O He really was the best detective. What was the title of this movie?
- Sherlock Holmes and dogs Baskerville.I would like to go again.
- I see that you liked very.
- Yes This movie was super!!
- Ok I have to see it. And I have to go. Bye
- Bye!
- See you later
- See you.

Mam nadzieje że ci się spodoba :)
- Hi Sam!
- Hello Milkaa, how are you?
- I'm fine, thanks. What about you?
- I'm ok too.
- What are you doing on Friday evening?
- I'm nor bussy...
- That's great, maybe we can go to the cinema together?
- Oh no! Please not cinema...
- Why?
- Last time I was in cinema one week ago with my friend. And it wasn't nice experience...
- Whas the film wrong?
- Film was't bad, but it was quite terrible. It was horror about crazy zomies which ate womens and childrens, not mans.
- So what was wrong?
- I was really scared and i shouted all the time. People was't happy about that, some of them left cinema. Even my friend escaped to another sit, becouse she didn't want to seet next to me...