Michael Jackson's fundamental needs, values, and orientation towards life are symbolized by the four astrological elements. Each person has their own unique balance of these four basic energies: fire (warmth, inspiration, enthusiasm), earth (practicality, realism, material interests), air (social and intellectual qualities), and water (emotional needs and feelings). Jackson's "elemental make-up" is described below. Remember that most people are "unbalanced" or lopsided, and if Michael is lacking or deficient in a certain element (or elements), it simply means that he needs to consciously develop that particular aspect in order to appreciate and/or work harder in that dimension of life.
Sometimes we overestimate the element that we are least endowed with, sensing it as a lack within ourselves, but more often we neglect or ignore it. The qualities described below will be reiterated and explained in more detail in the following pages. He is a nurturer and a protector and is prone to what has sometimes been referred to as the "Atlas Syndrome" - namely, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Michael Jackson assumes responsibilities in his relationships very conscientiously and often takes on more than his share of the troubles as well. Though Jackson appears (and indeed often is) rather passive, he possesses a great deal of quiet inner strength and the ability to flow with and repeatedly endure life's inevitable adversities. He is apt to be surrounded by people who rely on him, and though Michael Jackson derives much satisfaction from providing, giving, and being needed, he can also let himself be drained emotionally and/or financially by taking care of other people and not caring sufficiently for himself. Michael Jackson has a very strong need for security and he places safety first. He is unlikely to make sudden changes or to take new directions that involve risk and unpredictability. Any break from the past is very difficult for Michael and he needs a great deal of support when trying to make even healthy and positive changes in his life or habits. ("Habit" is a key word for Michael Jackson as he is apt to be very attached to his!). He is very retentive. Michael Jackson holds on (and sometimes clings) to the people, places and ways he is familiar with. He also tends to repress feelings, and he may need to learn to express and let go of old feelings and past conditioning. Physically, Michael Jackson is apt to be hearty and substantial, with a tendency to be stout. Unless other astrological factors indicate otherwise, he can also be downright lazy, especially when it comes to exercise. Michael instinctively chooses comfort over challenge. (This is true in a broader sense as well, not only regarding physical exercise). His strengths include depth of feeling, patience, and generosity. The qualities that Michael Jackson needs to cultivate include initiative, openness to change and new experience, and a stronger sense of self. Michael Jackson tends to lack the ability to analyze himself or his life in a detached, objective way. Michael feels and experiences but does not necessarily understand or reflect upon his experience, and thus finds it hard to talk about it. Really taking in what someone else has to say can be hard for Michael Jackson - he does not readily adapt to new ideas or people, and as a result may become inflexible or limit his experience of life. Broadening his education and gaining exposure to different cultures is very beneficial to Michael. Otherwise he is apt to be rigid and even prejudiced against those outside his own circle. (This may be manifested in arthritic conditions, poor flexibility, or poor circulation). He also tends to distrust people who communicate freely or to feel inferior to those who are more articulate and intellectual than he is. Michael Jackson learns much more readily by watching, doing or apprenticing than by reading or being told about something.

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Hi ! I would like to tell u about Michael Jackson! He 's is a very tallented person ! He is a musican and a dancer ! He also writes amaizing songs , like ,,Billie Jean " , ,, Thriller " , these songs are my favorite . He was a young boy when he start singing in ,,Jacksons 5 " , that was a band ( he singed there with his brothers) . Michael was a helpful person , he loved children and world peace , he showes it in songs like ,,Heal the world" , ,,We are the world " and more. For me he is a kind , shy but a smart person. I love hes music and the way he dance , with passion.
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