Odpowiedz na pytania.

1. When do you get nervous?
2. When do you get scared?
3. When do you get angry?
4. At what time does it get dark now?
5. When does it get cold in your country?
6. When does it get hot in your country?

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I get nervous, when I have english test
I get scared, when my sister broked her leg
I get angry, when I have to clean my room
Does it get dark now at 16 p.m.
Does it get cold in my country in October
Does it get hot in my country in June
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. When I write quiz.
2. When I staying at home alone.
3. When I stand in line.
4. Around 4pm.
5. In November. / In the winter or autumn.
6. In the spring / summer. / In March or April.
1. I'm nervous, when my sister cry.
2. I'm scared, when I read horror story.
3. I'm angry, when I must clean my room.
4. It get dark at 16.
5. In my country it get cold in winter.
6. in my country it get hot in spring.