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Mam takie opowiadanie, nie wiem czy będą wszystkie czasy, chyba będzie miało ok.150 słów. Napiszę, jeśli się nie spodoba, trudno.:)

One day, air disaster took place, which I was participated. I was coming bac from holiday on Crete. For after few minutes from take-off plane, we heard a big bang. Looking out the window one could see the fire in the engine. I was scared. Flight attendent informed us about the outbreak of the engine, and an emergency landing, which took place in a moment. People began panic, Fortunately, we were not even under the sea and the landing was passible. Pilot turned back toward the airport and started landing. To be safer to leave the plane had an emergency exit. Once all passengers have alighted, the crew left the plane in a hurry. Someone shouted that we must escape from this place. Moment later a second engine was broke. Thankfully no one was harmed, we were lukcky that we managed to land in time. I was scared what happend. On the plane, which was to take us to Poland we waited for two hours, but I am very scared to take him, I was afraid that something will happen again.
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Once I was in Spain during my summer holidays. It was a camp and I had a lot of friends there. The place was beautifiul, it was named Lloret De Mar. The weather was nice nearly every day. In the middle of my stay there was a trip to Barcelona organised. I had been always fascinated by the spanish culture. The night before I couldn’t sleep and I felt something strange that could happen in the future. However that trip was too important for me and I didn’t want to resign.
When we were on the spot I was totally shocked how amazing Barcelona was. After visiting the last place which was The Gaudi’s Park we went to the underground station. Before departure I wanted to buy something to drink. I went to the nearest shop and I thought that my group was waiting for me. When I came back, I saw nobody from my camp. I was frightened becouse the map of the underground was too complicated for me. Finally, I chose a wrong way.
While I was going and crying, I suddenly noticed a golden Rolex watch on the ground. It was the most beautiful watch I had ever seen. I took it to the pocket but after a few minutes somebody shouted: ’Has anybody seen my Rolex?!’ I looked around and I saw a young businessman. I wanted to be an honest person so I gave that expensive watch back to him. He let me phone my group. When they were found that buisnessman gave me a cheque for 10000$ as a gift. I couldn’t believe that but it was true.
When I came back home, I told my family and friends about it. It was an unbelievable event. Money were very helpful. I could buy a new car and I am still in contact with that man...
I have never forgotten about it.
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