Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I ksero
Zadanie 3.
To see, take, does, to see, studies
Zadanie 4.
True, false, false, true, true
II ksero
I, he, they, she, he, she, they
Lesson 1
Reads, shows, drinks, watch, speak, goes, come, don’t live
Lesson 2
Nie wiem jaki był tekst, więc w odpowiedzi masz przeczenie I twierdzenie
2. Are Carol and Tomeklistening to Kate? Ys they are or no, they aren’t
3. Is Greg wearing sunglasses? Yes he is or no he isn’t.
4. Is the girl in the red hat smiling? Yes she is or no she isn’t
5. Are the actors drinking coffee? Yes they are or no they aren’t
Lesson 3
2. Whose sunglasses are there? Ther’re Gabi’s sunglasses.
3. Whose mobile phone is this? It’s Tomek’s. It’s him
4. Whose notebooks are there¬? Ther’re the actors. Ther’re their.
5. whose umbrella is this? It’s Paula’s. It’s her.
6. whose CDs are there? Ther’re my friends. Ther’re their.
Lesson 4
1.What are your favourite clothes? My favourite clothes are blue skirt and white blouse.
2. What makes You happy? My friends make me happy.
3. What languages do You speak? I speak English and of course Polish.
4. Is there someone very important to You? Yes there is my boyfriend.
5. What are You reading at the moment? I read…….. (tu wpisz tytuł książki)
Aerobics, dangerous, dictionary, different, expensive, favourite, import ant, language