1). My working day .(opis rutynowych czynności wykonywanych każdego dnia - użycie czasu Present Simple - 100-150, słów).

2). Napisz krótki dialog "Na lotnisku" lub "Na dworcu kolejowym". Użyj fraz. Write a short dialog (50-80 words) "At the station". Use phrases: "Which is the platform for ...?, Which is the train (plane) to...?, Which is the gate for...?, What time does it leave?, What time does it arrive?, Can I have some information about...? How much is the ticket...?"

3). Forms of travelling - sposoby podróżowania (100-150 słów). - proszę wymienić jakim środkiem (ami) transportu lubię podróżować i uzasadnić wybór.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I get up at 6 o' lock and I eat breakfast. I go to school by bus, and I start the lesson at 8 o' clock. The lessons are so boring but I must be at school to 3 o ' clock p.m.. Then I ussualy go somethere with my friends, for exemple for cofee or to shops. I come back to my house at 5 o'clock p.m. I eat dinner and I watch TV ar almost play computer games or use the internet. Later I phone to my penfriend to get know what is for homework. Almost they don't know... but if they know I do the homework. Later my mum say that I must learn for test or samething like that so also do it. In the evening I eat something like supper, and I go out. I meet my friends.

Jest okolo 140 slow.

2) Na lotnisku.
-Hi! I want to go Wieden, how can I get there?
-The plane there starts at 11 o ' clock a.m, but we have the place just for next week.
-Which day?
-All right, how can I get the ticket.
-Over there
-How much is it?
-400 pounds.
-That's graet, thanks a lot.
-You are welcome
-Good bye
-See you

Okolo 60-70 slow.

3) My favourite kind of transport is a plane. It's comfortable and I can get to my place fast and quickly. The stewardess are nice and helply so I can get an eat and drink from them. I don't have to think about traffic light etc. From the window there is a great view and I can sea a lot of places, cities, town etc. But there is one thing that I don't like there. I have an ear ache. It's not fun. Also the plane is quite expensive. So I also like travel by car! It's not as comfortable as plane, but it's also good becouse I can get everywhere.

Okolo 110 slow.

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Temat 1. Bez użycie translatorów internetowych, więc powinno być dobrze:-) Pozdro:*
Every day I wake up at 7.00 am. I wash up, eat breakfast and then I go to school. In my school I meet my colleagues with whom I talk and laugh. The lessons start at 8.00. After school I go home. I have a rest for an hour and then I start doing homework. I always start from my favorite subject, then I start doing biggest homework as essays. When I do all my homework I watch TV. I really like series named Detektywi. Then I watch news. After that I play computer games. Then I go out with my dog for a walk. I like walking in the evenings the most when around me is snow. My dog likes to walk for half an hour. Around 21.00 I do a dinner. I usually eat dinner and watch TV. At 22.30 I go to bed.
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