It was on last holidays...I was in Greece with my family. The weather was perfect. The Sun was shinning and the sea was calm. I was happy and very excited. One day... when I got up I heard screaming but I was thinking that was only my dream. I went to the pool and I was swimming. Then I heard someone was crying. I went to my room and I was watching TV. I heard knocking at the door and I opened. I saw a tall man with a black jacket. He looked at me and he said ' Can you help me ? ' I answered ' of course. What can I do for you? ' But he saw a woman and he said ' Never maind' That was finished . I was scared. Then I heard a woman was shouting and a man was kicking her. And this man had got black jacket. I was running away. I can' t forget about this holidays.

Mam nadzieje ze sie podoba ;)
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