Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zad. 1
1. had, would go
2. would see, sat
3. wouldn't be, recycled
4. didn't take, wouldn't have to
5. weren't, would be
6. would go, didn't hate

zad. 2
1. If Roy didn't like sun, he wouldn't sunbath on the beach.
2. If Helen wasn't a vegetarian, she would eat meat.
3. If I were fit, I would run up that hill.
4. If the shops weren't closed, I could buy a chocolate.
5. If I spoke French well, I wouldn't need a dictionary.

zad. 3
1. as quiet as a mouse.
2. as cold as ice
3. as slow as a tortoise
4. as tall as a giraffe
5. as free as a bird

zad. 4
1. Reality shows are not as popular as soapoperas.
2. A Cardboard is not as strong as wood.
3. A piano is not as loud as a drum.
4. Swimming costumes are not as warm as jeans.
5. My mobile is not as good as his.
6. Tom's house is not as big as Anna's.
7. English exams are not as difficult as maths exams.
8. Liverpool is not as good as Manchester.
9. A giraffe is not as heavy as an elephant.

zad. 5
1. don't have to
2. should
3. don't have to
4. shouldn't
5. must
6. musn;t
7. have to
8. should