Przedmioty zwiazane ze Swietami :

1.Strips of fabric for decorating of tying up packages.
2.Anornamental knot of loops made out of ribbon.
3.A hard candy with stripes.
4.Decorations with illuminate.
5.Sometimes placed at the top of a Christmas tree.
6.Christmas socks.
7.Popular Christmas flower.
8.Usually an outdoor plant,this is often brought into the home to decorate at Christmas time.
9.Items that are used to beautify places or things.
10.A light made of wax.
11.Often hung from the ceiling,people sometimes kiss under this decoration.
12.A decoration that is twisted,intertwined,or curled.
13.The crown a king.
14.A tree of shrub with a spiny,waved edge and berries that turn red.
15.Often seen in the night sky. Sometimes the shape of a decoration.

Bardzo prosze o napisanie jakie to przedmioty po angielsku. ;)



1. ribbon
2. bow
3. candy cane
4. lights
5. star
6. stockings
7. poinsettia
8. wreath
9. mistletoe twig, colored lights
10. candle
11. mistletoe
12. garland
13. Crown of Thorns
14. holly
15. star