Musze napisac notatke w ktorej trzeba odpowiedziec na pytania
1) Do you ever eat junk food ? What type? How often ?
2) In your opinion, do you have healthy diet?
3) How many hours a day do you spend watching Tv?
4) HOw often do you exercise? What exercise do you do ?
5) What could you do to make your lifestyle healthier ?

To musi byc napisane calymi zdaniami.
Bardzo proszę Was o pomoc !!!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I never eat junk food. I don't like this type of food.

In my opinion I have a healthy diet. I eat many vegatables and fruits. I usually don't eat chips, crisps, hamburgers and other unhealthy food.

I spend 1hour watching TV every day. I don't like this very much.

I exercise 4times a week. I go to the swimming pool because I love swimming and I like play volleyball so I go to training.

I could spend a less hours playing on computer games so my lifestyle will be healthier.

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