Animation for small gourmet? Hmm ... probably also, but Ratatouille is not just about cooking he says. The Adventures of rat Remy is a story about friendship, dreams and fulfilling the difficult coexistence of human and rodents (mainly told from the perspective of rodents). The hero of Ratatouille is a resident of a rat colony, led by the hard hand of his father. Young rat, however, has greater ambitions than the acquisition of food debris on the dustbins and secretly violates the prohibition on entering into human homes. And there they discover not only the kitchen and its contents, but also culinary programs, which becomes a fan. Having seen the form of Gusteau's famous Parisian master, and his motto "Anyone can Cook" Remy wilderness imagination run wild and dream of a career in catering. And when fate throws him to Paris and the restaurant (now the late) Gusteau - decides to use given the chance. What, of course, because of the "origin" It would be highly controversial and for cooks and guests.
Ratatouille Review