1.Where do you usually do the shopping? Why?
2. Should young people live together before getting married? Why?
3. How can you cope with school stress?
4. What are the disadvantages of such holidays?
5. What are the disadvantages of teleworking?
6. What is your idea of good job?

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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. To be honest I usually do the shopping in the supermarket. Everything there I can get very easy, because it's very near to my house. There I can find many products which I can't get in small shops. In addition there are many offers, promotions and cheaper things. What's more I like to have a big choice to make, so many various products which I can get in the supermarket is the best option for me.

2. I think that young people shouldn't live together before they get married. Why? It's very simple. They are too young and of course too immature to live like adults. I'm sure that they even don't imagine how adult life hard can be. Marriage is the sacrament which guarantee respect our partner and this is some kind of promise about future life and warranty of love. If somebody doesn't want to get married it means that the sensation isn't too strong.

3. Stress is something that is very popular especially among young people. When we are in school and we must past all our exams it's for us very stressful situation. I think that there is no solution for copying with stress, but I'm always optimistic and I try hard not to think about bad sides, just only these good. It often helps very much!

4. I think that the biggest disadvantage of holidays is that we become very lazy. If we have free day of work or school we neglect our duties. Another disadvantage can be that we must help parents with preparations to celebrating these holidays.

5. Teleworking can be very easy way to work. But of course have some disadvantages, for instance we don't meet new people, we all the time sit in our house and we don't have even chance to leave it. We haven't the opportunity to work in groups!

6. In my opinion the best job is when we have a good contact with our boss and partners and when job is interesting for us. This can be all jobs of course, it depends of our thinking and motivation to work.