The main protagonist of "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens was Ebenezer Scrooge. This man worked in the trade, he was utterly devoted to him and he knew it from the inside out. Merchant, the main goal put the success and quick, hassle-free enrichment. All the plans for the future constructed so as to make it fulfill their intentions. In life frequently guided by the principle: "the corpses for the purpose." Scrooge had a cold inside a large impact on the appearance of the hero. On an oval, oval face wrinkles wyostrzyły highlighted features senile. Careerist nose lengthened considerably. Over the reddened eyes have seen frosted eyebrows. Blue, blue lips, almost distracted attention os frighteningly thin beard. Stiff gait and bent figure stirred dismay among the inhabitants of London. Scrooge was extremely ambitious. Distinguished by intelligence and calculation. Easily fared with the performance of complex commercial operations. When I went to a good customer, do not let him go. "Scrooge had a strong hand when it came to business. Grabbed it, squeezed, leather obdzierała his victim, did not release her until after doszczętnym wyzyskaniu. "He could manipulate people very well, which confirmed his assets. It was a volatile mind. Qualities that helped the hero to use others for their own benefit were: indifference, stubbornness and bezduszność. People saw him as an absolute piker no secret of his reluctance: "It happened to someone with a friendly smile on the street stopped him and said: - My dear Scrooge, how are you? When I visit - beggars did not ask him for alms, children have not they asked about the time, no woman or man did not ask Scrooge'ao way. Even blind dogs have to know him, because when approaching - drew their owners to their homes or yards, and then waved their tails, as if to say: - None of the eye is better than the evil eye, my blind, sir! "Scrooge was bad not only for foreign but also for his nephew: "- Uncle! - Mitygował his nephew gently. - Nephew! - Interrupted the uncle sternly - hallowed day of Christmas in their own way, and let me handle it my way. - Handle! - Repeated nephew - But you did not obchodzisz him, uncle. - Give me peace of the fridge! - Sarknął Scrooge. - You'll see what good will this year's festival. One you always bring a lot of good. "Cool and taciturn man in London has become a symbol of cunning, greed, indifference and a pessimistic outlook on the world. "Changes weather had no effect on Scrooge 'a. No heat can not heat it, cool no more frost. Foul weather did not know which side to attack him, the biggest rain, snow, hail or storm had superiority over him in only one respect: they often proved to be generous, fell into the world and people generously, for Scrooge 'and the concepts such as generosity and generosity do not exist. "Conceited egoist never been willing to make concessions. He did everything to get out on his own. He took no other, was a fierce, stubborn, and critical of everything and everyone. He hated Christmas and did not even try to hide that. People who dared to mention in his presence the day sharply criticized, and unfairly judged, "Merry Christmas! ... Fie on merry Christmas! I do not know them! But what is Christmas for you, if not the date of payment of bills, and usually when you are penniless. With every Christmas, you're a year older, but not richer. On that day, after checking the books of accounts and find that after twelve months of work galerniczej do not have a bit of profit ... If I were an employer, any idiot with włóczący wish "merry Christmas", have been cooked in its festive dish and was buried with a sprig of Christmas tree stuck in the heart. It would be reasonable and fair ". The manner in which Scrooge treat others shows how great he was arrogant and wit. Recluse has never enjoyed the happiness of others and did not know what are true feelings. He was an absolute miser, and liczykrupa chciwcem. Residents of London have seen it careerist, grump, miser and ponurak. Unfortunately, they were characterized by determining the most appropriate form of the main character. "Go alone for life, repel from each other all human sympathy - it seemed, chose the target and the Scrooge that is held fixedly. Repulsion from one another, the icy chill of fear people encountered was for him what is a sweet dessert for small sweet tooth. "Scrooge was assessed as such by people. Charles Dickens, through a main character, showed the characteristics of modern humans. Taught us and pointed out that mundane matters become more important than the feelings and values. Objected to the forgetting of tradition and submitting to her personal career. Author inspired readers to a deeper reflection on the meaning of life and existence.