1. Why do so many people prefer city life to country life?
2.What makes holidays enjoyable?
3. Which sports are popular with teenagers? Why?

Wybierasz sie w podróz z Londynu do Glasgow. Po wejsciu do pociagu stwierdzasz, ze twoje miejsce jest zajete.
a)poinformuj pasazera o zaistnialej pomylce.
b) odrzuc jego wyjasnienie, podajac uzasadnienie.
c)zaproponuj bezkonfilktowe rozwiazanie problemu.

rozpoczyna zdajacy.

dam naj!



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. In my opinion most of people prefer city life to country life because in the city we have more opportunieties to have fun but also to get great job and better university. Country life can be very peaceful and calm, but for some people very boring. People need to develop their interests, visit museums, theaters, cinemas, which they can't do in the villages and small towns. Big city its also new acquaintances.

2. I think that holidays are the best time in the year. Why? Just because they are free time, there is hot and we can do whatever we want! They are so enjoyable because we can take interesting journeys, meet new people and have fun! The weather is wonderful so we can sunbathing, swimming in lakes, rivers, sees.

3. Teenagers mostly prefer footbal, volleyball, basketball but also tennis, winter sports. I think that they are very popular because we play in groups so it's the best occasion to meet and know better new people. This teach also respect and cooperation. Volleyball, basketball and football are popular among young people because we at first play at school, later with friends during the vacations or free time.

1. Good morning. I'm sorry sir, but this place should be free. I have a ticket and there is written that I bought seat 43.
2. Oh, I'm sorry but it's impossible. It' my place.
1. You're wrong. Please, take a look at my ticket, it is written here. Please to leave this seat.
2. You are very unkind, sir. I won't leave this place.
1. I don't want to argue with you. I just want to get my place. Please, come with me to the ticket inspector. We must explain this situation.