1. Twoj narzeczony/ Twoja narzeczona z NJ pragnie po slubie zamieszkac z toba na wsi. ty wielbiasz wielkie miasta.
a) nie zgodz sie na propozycj narzeczonego/nej i opisz swoje upodobania.
b) odrzuc jego/jej argumenty i podaj kontrargumenty.
c) zaproponuj zamieszkanie na przedmiesciu.

2. What is your opinion on fast food?
3. Which services are becoming less popular today? Why?

maturalne! do pyt.2-3 minium 3 zdania.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. Darling, I want after our marriage live with you in the village. I lived in big city all my life, I need now calm.
2. I can't agree on this! Villages are totally boring! We are very young, what can we do there? You know that I love art and every weekend I go to cinema or art gallery. It's very important for me. Village can't ensure me these kind of atractions.
1. Please, just listen me. Big city isn't good place for peaceful life. If we want to have babies we should choose them the best place to live, without fast life, dangerous crimes, car incidents. We must think about our future. I've had enough big cities. I spend my all life in New York and I must to say that I hate this city!
2. Your arguments are senseless! It's better to children live in big city because they have more opportunieties to get better job in the future. They also have near best universities. I understand your opinion about New York, but we don't have to live actually there, we cna choose other city. Don't be egoistic, you shoul think about my feelings. What about living in the suburbs? I think that it is good option both for me and you.
1. Okay, I will think about it.

2. Fast foods aren't good places for eat meals - everyone knows that. But we should also say that is good opportunity for busy people, who don't have sufficient time to have meals for their own. Fast foods offers meals full of fats and they are unhealthy, especially for children and eldery.

3. I personally think that these days less popular are servants. People of course give work people to cleaning rooms or taking care of babies but these are small works. I think that the main cause of this situation is that nobody want to be treated as servants, who must do all their bosses want to.