Muszę napisać list po angielsku.. od niedawna chodzisz z nowym chłopakiem i chcesz o tym napisać swojej koleżance z Anglii:
-podziękuj za ostatni list i poinformuj koleżankę
-napisz w jakich okolicznościach spotkaliście się
-opisz jak wygląda i jaki ma charakter
-napisz że jesteś bardzo szczęśliwa i planujecie wspólny wyjazd



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Dear .........
Thanks for your last letter and that you remember about me ;) . I must tell you that I have a new boyfriend. We met for the first time in cinema. He is tall, he has black hair and brown eyes. He is kind, funny and talkative. I am very happy. We are planning a joint trip and I can'n wait. I think that you enjoy with me.
Best wishes
Dear X (jakieś imię),

Thanks for your last letter. You have no idea what happend few days ago. I started meeting with someone !
He's a friend of my cousin who lives opposite. I went there to borrow some books to my history essay, because Gwen (my cousin) is very good at it. When I came in I saw just gorgeous guy. He was tall, slim and had middle-lenght brown hair (you know how I like it!). His eyes vere so blue and so pretty ! I could't stop looking at him. Gwen started laughing and introduced this boy to me. After short talk he went out, but before it he invited me for a date ! Can you imagine ? I have forgot about books at all.
We have met many times. He is really intelligent and funny. Did I tell you about his smile ? It's just adorable ! Mike (that's his name), plays the bass guitar and he even got a band. He's crazy about music, just like me. He is perfect, isn't he ? I'm so happy with this guy!
I think we well visit you next month. Mike wants to get know my best friend. And I really miss you.
So see you darling (I hope!).