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adolescene is the unhapiest time in most people's lives.
czyli okres dojrzewania jest najnieszczesliwszym okresem w zyyciu ludzi
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According to the dictionary, adolescence means the period of time in someone's life between being a child and an adult. Everyone agrees that it's a time when our behaviour, views and way of life changing diametrically. However, adolescence has different meaning for each of us.

First of all, for some teenagers adolescence is just a time in life, when everything is so hard and incomprehensible. Many young people have different troubles with family, friends. They are always controlled by parents and forced to come up to their requirements and expectations. For this kind of adolescents, everything seems to overwhelm them. Secondly, they feel lonely after unhappy, romantic relationships. What's more, there is also a generation gap between teenagers and adults. Both, very different generations don't share their outlooks on life.

On the other hand, not every teen thinks about adolescence like about something really strange and bad. Some of them enjoy their age. They make a lot of friends and try to integrate spending time together, clubbing. They often have a lot in common so they also share their hobbies and interests. Boys and girls fall in love, feel happy and necessary. The young people don't have problems like the adults sometimes have. They don't have to care about money because they live off their parents. For them, adolescence is a time of continuous amusements and pleasure.

To sum up, nowadays the adolescence is widely understood notion. This word is associated by each of us really differently. As far as I'm concerned, both physical and mental adolescence is our individual issue.

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