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No cóż, na ten temat można pisać bardzo dużo, ale ja bym uwzględniła najbardziej te informacje:

About school ( mało, bo trochę oczywiste i nie ma o czym pisać)

Polish children spend about five or six hours at school. They don't go there every day. On the weekend they stay at home.

Free time

Children usually meet with friends in their free time, but no all. They sometimes play on computer and another games. They read, write, cycle and they do lots of things. After school they can have the other lessons and then they usually don't have time for themselves. On the weekend they rest, because they are tired.
Teenagers don't spend time outside. They usually sit at home and they do nothing. They play on computer very often and they don't want to learn. They don't want do do anything and listen to anybody, because in that time they rebel.

To bardzo krótka notatka i informacje w niej są bardzo oczywiste i ... że tak powiem prymitywne, ale mam nadzieję że pomogłam...