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The song "A Christmas Carol" was founded in the nineteenth century. Its author is regarded as the greatest English novelist of the time. I chose this book because it amazed me with her screen adaptation. Since that time, each Christmas I watch movie called A Christmas Carol. It has become for me a kind of sign that the holidays are approaching.

Parable action happens in nineteenth-century London, on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve is the most unusual night of the year. Anything can happen. Did not even perceive how to hear strange noises, or ... we'll see the spirits living among us. In fact, shares four days. First comes the night spirit who warns Scrooge that over the next three nights will come to him three more spectrum. Before her visit, ghosts, Ebenezer - the protagonist of the book, is a dirty man. It has a lot of money, but they did not appear. It is a terrible miser. Has long since turned away from his family. There is also no friends. Sometimes you are hated Christmas. She does not like that period, because then they lose their money power. What matters is love, friendship, kindness. These are feelings that he does not understand. In addition to the holidays evoke bad memories of his childhood, when his father rejected him.

The night before Christmas Eve comes to the spirit of Ebenezer Marley, a colleague, who died seven years earlier. For his avarice, was sentenced to perpetual exile. Scrooge observes that if he does not improve, it runs just the same. Just as Marley would have to linger for an eternity behind heavy chain made of books, keys and pouches full of money, which now he is not useful. It is also informed that the visit will come to the next ghost. Ebenezer is terrified. He does not know whether to believe in it all, or just predictable. After the departure of the spirit of her in bed. Moments later, there is the promised apparition. Is called the Spirit of Christmas Past. Is dressed in white, in a dress adorned with flowers. The hand he holds a metal device that would set up a head Scrooge'owi, there would be no rescue for him. Spirit shows him all his past, from childhood, and ending with the recent holidays. The old man saw his fiancee, who really loved him. Broke up with him, because he could not bear his selfishness. Learned that it is now her husband and children. Is very happy. This proved to be the most painful memory. Scrooge just now saw that rejected the true love. The next spirit is the spirit of Christmas this year. The specter of trying to realize how important it is Ebenezerowi family, friends and holidays. Spook shows him the whole city, which is a very happy one. Brings it home a poor family, which has a very modest Christmas Eve dinner. Circle the table sits a boy - Little Tim. Is ill and probably will not survive the next holidays. The final spectrum is the Spirit of Christmas Eve Future. It presents the future, what awaits miser, if you do not change. This apparition has nothing to say, in contrast to earlier. He is wearing a scary, black overcoat. Scrooge'owi spirit shows its future - death, which no one will notice. Nobody will be mourned. Only what will not forget, it's about money. Ebenezer promises to improve and ask for another chance. After the visit, the last of the spirit, wakes up and notes that it is Christmas. So I passed only one night! The first thing he does, it opens the window and sends a passerby after zauważonego turkey. This gives him the money and tells him to bring the family, Little Tim. Also covers the cost of treatment. Increased his salary to the employee. It is all nice. Goes to visit her family, where he was kindly accept.

Bardo I liked this book because it is an escape into a fantasy world. Although ... maybe ghosts exist?