Czy mógł by mi ktoś sprawdzić tą pracę, czy nie ma w niej błędów? Z góry dziękuję. :)

Hilary Duff is an American actress and singer. She was born on September 1987 and she's 23. She lives in Houston. She played in "human nature", "a cindarella story", "cacper meets wendy", " cadet kelly"... She launched clothing lines "stuff by hillary duff". In september 2006 Hilary released her perfume collection "with love". She recorded three albums "metamotphosis"; "hillary duff" and "dignity". in 2004 playmates toys released a celebrity doll of her. Hillary has got a sister Haylie who is also an actress and a singer. When she was a child she and her sister played in various local theatre.



Mi się wydaje że w tym "She was born on September 1987 and she's 23" jest błąd.Powinno być raczej ""She was born on September 1987 and she have 23 years old"

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