Christmas is a holiday that we celebrate our tradition of the most uproariously, although this is not the most important Christian holidays. Christmas is a liturgical feast, which always falls on 25 December. Preceded by a period of four weeks of Advent, during which roraty are cleared in anticipation of the coming of the Lord. Christmas is a family most of all holidays.All gather at a common table, sing carols and we look forward to the coming of the Lord. To commemorate his arrival in the world, every year on the night of 24 and 25 December is celebrated midnight mass. Of course, organized competitions and cribs celebrities carol. Go to the streets of many carol singers who praise you and is happy with his arrival. Children enjoy the traditions, which are not only common suppers, but most of all gifts that each offers close to the memorial gifts the three kings brought the newborn Jesus. He came into the world in a lowly stable, but visited him there, not used to visitors and accompanied the animals.Christmas is truly amazing. We expect them to look all year round. Repeated each year, children with must be polite, to receive gifts under the tree and not a symbolic rod. Rod is for the naughty children who do not obey their parents and did not meet their requirements. Children try to meet the expectations of c, because otherwise, depending on the region's Angel, Child, Christmas, Santa Claus, Jack Frost or Santa Claus does not leave presents under the Christmas tree. Gifts for Christmas is a tradition always is giving the example of Jesus and bestowed the three wise men from the east. Children often write letters to Santa Claus, which will summarize their requests for appropriate gifts. Santa Claus often meets this demand, but they are too large is replaced by other perfect gifts, cheaper. But not only children receive gifts. Adults also are buying each other gifts for themselves, to make the joy. Gifts are one of the larger tradition, which very like everyone else.

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On Christmas all family is whole.
As we sing Christmas carols.
The Christmas tree dres.
The Christmas forgive each other.
On the eve we sit down to dinner.
On the eve did not eat meat.
On the eve of us comes to Santa Claus.
The feast of Christmas we go to Midnight.
The feast of Christmas is withdrawn from the school nativity play.
The Christmas holidays share the wafer.
The Christmas table, attach additional covering.