Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Wybrałam Happy New Year, bo jest dłuższe ;)
1. Chain(łańcuchy) -Christmas tree is decorating lights, coloured balls and......
2. Feast (uczta)-An inseparable part of it is a huge Christmas .......
3. Present(prezenty) - In the Christmas people give ....... to each other.
4. Carp (Karp)- Fish disch served during Christmas Eve
5.Turkey(Indyk)- In the UK a ..... is served as a main dish
6. Santa Claus (Św. Mikołaj) - Children write letter to him.
7.Cracker (petarda, takie papierowe tuby z niespodzianką)- A Christmas .... is brightly coloured paper tube, twisted at both ends, , it usually contains a paper crown, a small gift and a joke written on a slip of paper.
8.Wafer(opłatek)- To begin the feast,a ...... is broken into pieces and shared with others.
9.Hay (siano) - Wafer lies on this
10. Christmas Tree (choinka)- In Poland children find their gifts under the....
11.Star (gwiazdka) - Before Children find their presents, they wait when she saw the first .... on the sky
12. Christmas Carol (Opowieść wigiliijna)- A story by Charles Dickens
Jakbyś miała jakieś pytania to pisz;)
Za wszelkie błedy jakieby się pojawiły przepraszam....Ale raczej nie ma ;P
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