A) Which time expressions do we use with the present simple, the present countinuous? Find examples in the letter.
B) Circle the correct time expression

1. Martha usually does her food shopping on Saturdays/at the moment.
2. It isn't raining now/at the weekend.
3. Pierre and Marie are going to the theatre tonight/every Tuesday.
4. Ron has a piano lesson twice a week/these days.
5. Sophie is sitting her exams this week/at night.
6. Carla and John usually eat out on Sundays/at the moment.
7. George buys a newspaper every day/today
8. My friend and I play computer games on Saturday afternoons/at present.
9. Sometimes/At the moment she is studying for a test
10. Tom isn't driving to work today/every day




1.on Saturdays

3. tonight
4. twice a week
5. this week
7.every day
8.on Saturday afternoons
9.At the moment