• Użytkownik Zadane
I wake up at 6 o’clock. I make my bed and go to the bathroom. I wash my eyes, face and brush my teeth. I get dress . I pack my book’s and I go to kitchen. I eat a breakfast . I usually eat a milk with corn flakes. I don’t make a second breakfast because I buy a sandwich in school shop. Its a 7 o’clock and I go to the bus stop. I wait a moment to bus. I go by bus 15 minutes and I go to the tram stop. I go by tram 8 minutes. From tram stop I go to school 6 minutes. I start my lessons a polish. I wait to long playtime and I go to shop. I buy a sandwich and juice. My last lesson is Geography. I can go to home. My first activity when I’m at home I clean hand and eat a dinner. Next I do a homework. When I finish do a homework I go to walk with my two dog’s. I go to my friend and we go together. When I come back home I watch TV. Next I tidy up my room and I read a book. When is 7 o’clock p.m. I go to run 5 kilometers. At 8 o’clock p.m. I have a shower. Next I eat a supper. I brush my teeth. I go to my bad room and set a alarm. I go to bad.