Dear ben,
This is very hard for me,so I'II try to be calm.I'm writing to you because respect you but I'm afraid that I don't love you,so we must split up.It's difficult because we've together for a long time.It's not the end of the wordl,so please don't be sad.I remember when we met and you asked me out because you like my smile.I'm sending you photo so that you won't forget the good times we had together.I'm keeping the ring and the silver chain because they're very special for me.Bye,bye ben.I hope that you'll be happy FRAN.

I jest teraz takie polecenie
Imagine that you recevied the letter from Fran.Write a reply.Use so,so that,that's why and because.
Explain these things in your letter:
1.Do you think that it's good idea to split up? Why? /Why not?
2.Did you enjoy thefriendship you had? Why? /Why not?
3.How do you feel now? Why?
4.What are you going to do now? Why?

Może być troche błędów.



Dear FRAN,

Your letter really surprised me...
I still can't believe that you want to split up. I know that I haven't had a lot of time for you lately, but you know that it wasn't my fault.
Do you want to end our relationship because of it? If yes, I promise I'll spend more time with You. You wrote me that You don't love me anymore, but I don't believe it! I still have feelings for you and hope you do too. Do you remeber our summer vacation? We had a lot of fun together.You told me that you loved me, so what happened? Why did you change your mind?

I enjoyed realtionship with you and I don't wanna loose you! I love your smile, I love spending time with You that's why please give me a chance!
I'm really sad and I'll do anything to save us.
I can't understand why you didn't tell me everything earlier?
All the things seemed perfect to me. And then I got your letter...
Please, think about us, because we are meant to be together!
Remember, I'm not going to give up!
love you,

moze tak byc? troche improwizowalam;] jak jakies uwagi, daj znac to poprawie:)