My name is nadine, I used to stay at my auntsy place every weekend and go to parties. When I was there once my cousin (who I didn't like very much at the time but are best friends now) was in Whangerai, which is a four hour drive from where we lived, I stayed in her room while she was away.

It was around 8pm, I was a sober driver, I was a bit bummed, so I went to bed.

After I had lied there for about an hour I finally started to drift off to sleep, when it felt like some one had sat up and adjusted there sitting position, I had had a friend offer to sleep with me and I had turned them down, so I thought that they had climbed into bed with me, I didn't really mind at the time, but then I remembered that they had stayed at someone else's place, seeing as I had dropped them off, I was to afraid to turn the light on or say anything. I half sat up to try and have a good look but it seem to be that the street lights weren't working so all I could see was a dark figure, it sounded like they were drinking a can of alcohol, it smelt like it I could also hear them swallowing. I sat up and had a better look, they didn't move or say anything so I ran outside and asked my aunty about it.

Apparently an old man named Albert, used to live there before they did and he was an alcoholic, my cousin had heaps of empty alcohol bottles and he was attracted to them.

It freaked me out so much that I never went into the room ever again, my cousin ended up moving out into the caravan.

Myślę że jest dobrze :)