London Zoo
London Zoo is located in the northern part of Regent's Park,was opened in 1828. Area of 14 hectares, 650 different species of live animals (including penguins, elephants, anteaters, monkeys, giraffes, kangaroos, monitor lizards, camels and crocodiles). Authorities put the garden a very strong emphasis on education and the protection of animals, it houses the Zoological Institute, as well as a mini-zoo, showing the youngest learning how to care for pets.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is located at St James Park,, between the parks of St. James, Green Park and Queen's private garden. It was an official, permanent royal residence in 1837. Was built in 1703 for John Shieffielda - Duke of Buckingham. In 1761 was bought for George III. The name comes from the court of the palace which he built in 1703 Duke of Buckingham here.