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Holiday is the most perfect time of the year. Not going to school for more than two months itself makes them such great. But there is still a few things that can make holiday even greater. One of the most important things about summer is the weather. It should be hot, the sun shoud shine all the time, so that the people could sunbathe, sweam in the see or lake and take long walks in the evening… Rain and cold can ruin this beautiful time! On the other hand, if you have a good company, even terrible weather would not be so bad. The people you take on your trip shoud be the ones, you would be having great time with, no matter what other circumstances are like. The place you are staing at can also improve your vacation. For me the best locality for summer is Spain, at the Mediterranean Sea. The shores are so pure there, the sand on the beach is so delicate and the Spain men are so handsome…

Last holiday I've spent on camp in Spain. It was the best summer time in all my life. I went to this beautiful country by bus with young people from all Polish. After way to Spain we visited most beautiful principality Monaco. I was living in a great hotel at the coastal. The weather was just glamorous: the sun was shining all the time, the sea was clean and the sand gold. There was a lot of people on the beach every day but it wasn't a big surprise because there was really hot. Usually after breakfast I was swimming with my friends at a nearby swimmingpool. Most of our time we have spent on the beach but of course not all the time. We were trying to visit as much interesting places as we only could. So we went to Barcelona: old and very beautiful town. We visited football - stadium FC Barcelona, we saw dancing fountains Just glamorous! and most beautiful buildings. We often were going to the disco. . I met very nice people there. We were on evening Spanish, where we tasted of regional dishes and we looked demonstrations flamenco . We went on evening - walks after beach, we looked stars. we bathed at night in sea - was wonderfully!!! On the way back we visited Genewa. This is very interesting city. When already we were in Poland all we were sad, that our splendid party reached of finish. All good luck friendships contained on camp to present day survived! still we come together, most often is this on market in Cracow. Already together we plan future holidays.

My holidays I remember with great fondness and very with pleasure I come back to them with thought looking scenes from my photos. I like an Spanish language very much. Maybe I should start to lern it?