Przekształć zdania lub wyrazy w nawiasach na czas past simple lub past countinous !!!
1.I (take) my friend to a murder trial the other day.
Who (be) tried?
A man called Bill Sykes.
Was he acquitted?
I don't know. They still (listen) to the evidence when we (leave)

2.I (be) sorry that I (have to) leave the party early, because I (enjoy) myself

3.As we come here a policeman (stop) us. He (say) that he (look) for some stolen property and (ask) if he could search the car.

4.I (see) you yesterday from the bus. Why you (use) a stick?
I (use) a stick because i had hurt my leg that morning falling off a horse.
Whose horse you (ride)?

5.The floor was covered with balls of wool. Obviously Mrs Pitt (knit) something.

6.Ann said that she (be) on holiday> I (say) that I (hope) that she (enjoy) herself.

7.While he (water) the flowers it (begin) to rain. He (put) up his umbrella and (go) on watering.

8.I just (write) a cheque when I (remember) that I (have) nothing in the bank.

9.I (find) this ring as I (dig) in the garden. It looks very old. I wonder who it (belong) to?



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. took; was being; were listening; left
2. was; had to; was enjoying
3. stopped; said; was looking; asked
4.saw; were using; was using; were riding
5. was knitting
6. was being; said; was enjoying
7. was watering; began; put; went
8. was writing; remembred; had
9. found; was digging; belonged
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