Both chambers of parliament are elected in universal, equal, direct and secret ballot. There are 27 counties in artificially set elections to the Chamber of Deputies and Senate election districts are the regions.

The Head of State President of the Republic is elected for 7-year term by the National Assembly - jointly deliberative both houses of parliament, together with representatives of the regions (1 of Valle d'Aosta, with the remaining 19 regions after 3).

System state can be described as a modification of the parliamentary system, in which, however, strengthened the role of the president - he has such freedom of nominating the Prime Minister of the law - which is important in multi-party system in the case of resignation of the government can not accept it, and dissolve parliament.

The political system prevailing in Italy generally belongs to the little stable. February 6, 2008 dissolved the cabinet of Romano Prodi was 61 Government after World War II