Napisz referat (200-250 słów) o wybranej grupie (subkulturze) w Twoim kraju.... chodzi mi o reggae i rastafari

Ubiór, akcesoria i wygląd etc.
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I think one of the most interesting subculture in my country is reggae subculture. People who belong to this group called themselves a "Rastafarian". They wear a colorful clothes, basic three color: green, yellow and red. Those colors have their own meaning: green mean Africa and peaceful country, yellow – stolen gold from Africa, and red “talk about” blow with one was tip in battle with assailants. Rastafarians often have a dreadlocks, a specific haircut.
They listen to reggae music. This is not a obligation, but a positive plus. Reggae is a music genre first developed in Jamaica in the late 1960s. Song lyrics deal with many subjects, including religion, love, sexuality, peace, relationships, poverty, injustice and other social and political issues. One of the most famous reggae player is Bob Marley. He is a legend.
In a free time they hanging out together, laughing and just chill outing. They listening to music, read books and thinks like that. They like peace and quietude. Of course they take part in a lot of festivals. In my country one of the most famous reggae festival are: Ostróda reggae festival and One Love. There people can listen to good, positive music, have great time and meet really awesome people. Rastafarians are very friendly people, they are above all classifications. They love everyone.

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