• Użytkownik Zadane
I would like to summerise the film, which made a big impression on me. It was entitled "Life is graet" The action of the film starts in Italy. The star is a young man. He decides to leave home country and looks for success in a big city on history. He meets a beautiful girl. He falls in love with Uris girl. But he is aware that they don't match, because she comes from a rich family whereas he is just a poon poet. He sometimes meets his love and he always speaks to her ''princess'' because she is very beautiful and rich. Unfortunatelly the girl is alveady ergaged to a rich and unploesant man, whom she doesn't love. The pair decide to give a party to announce their engagement. At the party the girl familly realises that she loves the poor poet and breaks off her engagement. Lovers run away an a big, white house. This is how the film ends.
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