Przeczytaj poniższy tekst, z którego usunięto 5 zdań.Uzupełnij luki 1-5 zdaniami a-f,tak aby powstał spójny i logiczny tekst.Jedno zdanie niepasuje do żadnej luki.

a) Josh sat there,silent
b)The police often went there to stop fights.
c)He started to run.
d)It was a normal day,and they were talkingabout football.
e) He didn't want to start now
f) Josh was surprised

Josh"s problem
It was break time.Josh was standing in the playground with his friends. ... As the conversation stopped,Josh started talking about the History test in the next lesson.'I'm a bit worried about the test, 'he said. 'Did you domuch work for it?' His friends smiled.'No,we didn't replied Mark, 'We didn't do any.' ...'But what are you going to write?'
Mark looked at Harry.'Nothing.We aren't going to the lesson.We're going into town.We're going to the Biker's Cafe .'Josh knew the cafe. ... He tried to stop his friends,but the bell rang.He walked to the classroom alone.
While he was getting ready for the test,the teacher ,Mr Clarke,looked around the room .'Where are the others?'he asked. ... Mr Clarke turned to him.'Josh,you're friends with Mark and Harry. Do you know where they are?' Josh's face turned red.He never lied. ... 'Yes,sir,'he said,'I do'.

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