Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Firstly I'd like to say about greenhouse effect.

Their puritanical appearance has not disguised a joy in living, and furthermore - in an age where life expectancy was short - they were alive and apparently well in late middle age.

In addition, the act specifies the only four methods airlines can use to screen bags after the 60-day deadline.

All too often, for example, fashion shows are held in dilapidated buildings or abandoned warehouses.

For instance, T-Mobile expressly forbids the use of URLs inside text messages

In conclusion I should say that the love is the best thing on the World. :P

To sum up English in the most important lenguage, except money.

By contrast he looked back to the grace and lucidity of classical writing.

I shall do what I can for her among my friends, and I dare say she will get on very well with young pupils to begin with.