1.screeching noise
2.to witness a robbery
3.to find our way
4.news report
5.alarm button
6.to follow a path
7.side road
8.full name
9.to great a guest
10. to play a trick
11.to fire a gun
12.shining eyes
13.worm welcome
14.to get dark
ułoż z każdym z tych zdanie.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. In this old house I hear sometimes a screeching noise.
2. Policeman asked detailed questions to witness a robbery.
3. We turned left to find our way.
4. I read this in news report.
5. Employee of the bank pressed the alarm button.
6. Everyone wanted to follow a path.
7. We turned to the side road.
8. Can you tell me your full name.
9. He came from the kitchen to great a guest.
10. He studied how to play a trick.
11. He pretended to fire a gun.
12. I saw yesterday a horse with shining eyes.
13. I felt a warm welcome.
14. We must mix these colors to get dark.