Change the direct question to indirect questions.

1 Where are the toilets? Could you tell me where the toilets are?
2 Why didn't Sarah come to the wedding? Do you know ____________________?
3 Is that tall woman over there Claire's mother? Do you know _______________?
4 What does Molly's husband do? Do you remember ________________________?
5 Can I get a taxi after midnight? Do you have any idea ____________________?
6 Did Claire's sister get married here? Do you remember ___________________?
7 Will they be happy? Do you think _____________________________________?
8 Where did they put our coasts? Do you know ___________________________?



2. Do you know where is Sarah?
3 Do you know how tall is Claire's mother?
4 Do you remember what the Molly's husband is doing?
5 Do you have any idea how to get a taxi after midnight?
6 Do you remember where Claire's sister get merried??
7 Do you think they are happy?
8 Do you know where are our coats?

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