Zamień twierdzenia na pytania i przeczenia:
2. their dog is barking now
3. I am surfing the net
4. Kate's brothers are playing football
5. Our parents are watching TV now
6. Sara is eating soup
7. We are sleeping now
8. I am doing homework
9. Her friends is going home now
10. this friends are sitting with him



2. Is their dog barking now?
Their dog isn't barking now
3. Are you surfing the net?
I'm not surfing the net.
4. Are Kate's brothers playing football?
Kate's brothers aren't playing football
5. Are Our parents watching TV now?
Our parents aren't watching TV now
6. Is Sara eating soup?
Sara isn't eating soup
7. Are you sleeping now?
We aren't sleeping now
8. are you doing homework?
I'm not doing homework
9. Is Her friends going home now?
Her friends isn't going home now
10. are this friends sitting with him?
They aren't sitting with him
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