Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1- pierwsza osoba
2- druga osoba

1: Hey You! I didn't see you all years! Where You live now?!
2: Hi! Oh, My God! How are You? I live in Tokio now, there is great! I love this city.
1: How long do you stay here? Maybe we can go somewhere?
2: Only for one week. Yes, that's good idea. Maybe to the disco?
1: Ok, we can go. Tomorrow?
2: Yeah, that will be fine and...
1: Oh, wait... I don't like discoteqes... Maybe we can go to the restaurant and talk about old times?
2: Ok also tomorrow?
1: Oh, no I hate restaurants... I forgot...
2: So where are we going tomorrow?
1: For theatre?
2: Oh I like watch perfomances.
1: But I don't... For cinema?
2: But You like watch films, right?
1: Yes, we can go there.
2: Are you sure?
1: Yes, so tomorrow at 8 p.m be ready!
2: All right.

proszę bardzo ;)