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-What country are you writing from?
-What do you think of the country?
-Were have you been and what have you done in the last few days?
-Have you enjoyed the experience?
-Where are you staying tonaight?
-Where and how are you travelling in the future?

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at the moment
so far

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I'm writing this email from France . The weather is really cold at the moment but I really like it here because the people are friendly. We're driving around the country and we're stopping in different places.

We've just arrived here in Paris. In the last few days we've driven throught beautiful forests and we've seen some fantastic lakes.It is beautiful museum Luwr . So far I've really enjoyed the food and we haven't had any bad experiences.

Tonight we've staying in a small counsaide near the city of Paris. Tomorrow we're going to leave the car here and we're going to travel by train through the Mountains. It should be fun.

I hope you're well, ......... I'll write again soon.

Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Andy,
What's up? How are you? I'm at the moment in Germany. It's a very beautiful country! Have you ever been to it? If not, you should do it next summer.

As I said Germany is wonderful. Everyone here are so friendly and nice, I didn't expect that. I arrived to Berlin two days ago. I've just visited The Cologne Cathedral at the Rhine river. I saw it at night and I'm sure that I'll never forget this view, really! To be honest I haven't met a lot of people so far, but I hope it will change soon because I'm going tomorrow to Hamburg. Yesterday I was walking here in various park and eat ice creams. I have visited also shops to buy some souvenirs.

Tonight I'm going to the club to meet with my friend, Peter. I've experienced here a lot of kindness from people, who took me to their home. I learnt also something about German history. It's very important! I thnik that I will visit Germany also in the next year, but in June I want to go to France, I must see Paris ; )
I hope we'll meet soon.

Best wishes,

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